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Better Habits for Better Productivity

Half day workshop with Pooja Kelkar and Ildi Racz

7th of September 2021
9.30am to 12.30pm AEST

3 hours of your time

Do you feel like everything is getting in the way of things getting done?
Do you seem to always first feel overwhelmed?
You know your habits get in the way, what can you do about it?

If you want to make a change and start being not just busy BUT productive, then this workshop is just the right choice for you!

Let us introduce you  to:

Better habits for Better Productivity

Is this for me?

Great question!
The answer is YES if you are:

A small business owner or professional:

* Wanting to create better habits to better productivity
* Wanting to have more time in your week
* Wondering why planning is or isn't making you feel comfortable 
* Wondering how can you overcome bad habits
* Wanting to feel empowered and ready to get things done.

What you will learn during this workshop is...

You will learn that lack of self belief and cultural conditioning can get in the way of our ability to focus. Understanding your core drivers will help you create your personal systems and processes that work for you. Helping you create a healthy time mindset and strengthening your self worth.

There's no "one size" fits all method of time management. Self awareness is foundational to finding a solution that works for you. Understanding how your personality type and preferred behavioral style is influencing the way you relate to time is one of the first steps in reclaiming your own time.

We will help you discover your strengths and weakneses in a fun interactive way.
Come prepared to be challenged, to take charge or let go.
Come prepared to learn new things about yourself and about how understanding better yourself can improve how you interact with others.

Why is this for ME?

With a little help, everyone can become aware of their good habits and turn around their bad habits to become more productive and make dreams come true. 
This workshop is the first step towards creating better habits for better productivity.

Ildi Racz

Ildi has been a passionate entrepreneur since her teenage years. With a passion related to maps, she owned of one of Hungary’s most successful cartographical businesses.

After landing in Australia from Transylvania with her young family, her entrepreneurial side rose to the surface even more, and she founded Antplanners in 2015 in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Ildi now educates hundreds of small businesses as a Time Mindset Coach, she is passionate about bettering their relationship with their own time, and becoming more productive through being more organised and by planning for the future.

The goal is to help all businesses understand the power of time management through her programs and planners.

Change your journey, make friends with your time.

Pooja Kelkar

Pooja was teacher by profession and at heart, and she worked in the corporate world when she did not get the opportunity to work as a teacher in Australia. 

As she kept working full time, she found that work did not satisfy her and did not make her happy. Add to that the guilt of not being able to give quality time to the family was eating away at the very core of her being. She also found that she had dropped some good habits that helped my physically and mentally, such as exercise and meditation. 

This was not serving her personally and professionally and she found herself burnt out and exhausted. That is when she quit her job and started training herself to be a transformational coach and a Habit Change Practitioner. She now work with individuals, solopreneurs and business owners who would like to change their habits to help change their lives

Michelle Green


I highly recommend this informative and hands on workshop, it's an opportunity to better understand yourself and to improve your habits and time management skills. Take the time out of your life and business to work on your business and life, to create balance and space for the things you want to do.

Let's improve our habits so we can become more productive!

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